Lets you set the current skin by using a cookie


By setting a cookie like SetSkin=collaborganize you can change your current displayed sking accordingly. This plugins supports diffrent modes, so you can add the skin or skins addded by the cookie to the skin-list which is present right now, or you simply overwrite all other settings and force this skin to be used in any cases.


You can define the Cookie-Name which should be used to set the skin in the configuration center ( bin/configure ), by default this is SetSkin. If you prefix the follwing things, you can switch between the modes described in the introduction
PrefixSorted ascending Meaning
< Add the defined skin or skin list to the current skin list, but on the left side.
. This means, the SetSkin skins will be used in a higher priority
> Add the defined skin or skin list to the current skin list, but on the right side.
. This means, the SetSkin skins will be used in a lower priority
no prefix Overwrite the current skin settings and force the SetSkin to be the only one

Expamples: Your current skin would be +SKIN="nat, pattern"*
  • SetSkin = "<collaborganize"
    • Result: SKIN = "collaborganize, nat, pattern"
  • SetSkin = ">collaborganize"
    • Result: SKIN = "nat, pattern, collaborganize"
  • SetSkin = "collaborganize"
    • Result: SKIN = "collaborganize"

Hint: This also overrules the parameter &skin= !

Plugin Settings

  • you need to set the CookieName in the Foswiki configure-system

Plugin Installation Instructions

  • just use the installer attached to the topic or even easier, use the configure-system/Extension to easy install it trough an user-interface

Plugin Info

Plugin Author: Foswiki:Main.MayerEugen
Copyright: © 2006,
License: GPL (GNU General Public License)
Plugin Version: 21 Jan 2009 (V0.2)
Change History:  
21 Jan 2009: Setting skin by prefrence now, instead of internal call
20 Jan 2009: Initial version
Foswiki Dependency:  
CPAN Dependencies: HTTP::Cookies::Find
Other Dependencies:  
Perl Version: 5.005
Add-on Home:

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