A List of Wiki Administrator Documentation

Restricting read and write access to topics and webs, by users and groups
This describes the default Topic User Mapping. It describes the mapping between login and WikiName done using the WikiUsers topic in the Main web
Recommended skils the system administrator should have to administrate a Foswiki installation
List of tools available to the Foswiki administrator
These scripts are located in the bin and tools directories. This topic describes the interfaces to some of those scripts
A short introduction to Contribs. Contribs are Extensions to Foswiki that are not plugins
A short introduction to Add-Ons. Add-Ons add functionality with extensions that are not based on the Foswiki scripts
List of countries used in the UserForm. Can also be used in Foswiki applications
This topic defines site-level settings that apply to all users and webs on this site. Use this as a read-only topic. Always apply your local settings to SitePreferences
This topic defines the default user registration page. If a custom user registration page exists in Main web this will be used instead of this default. See the hidden comment in UserRegistration how to create a custom registration page
Brief explanation of GPL - the license under which Foswiki is distributed
How to re-build your WikiUsers topic if it is no longer current
Some troubleshooting steps to follow when an extension is not working
Navigation block that displays the current topic, its parent and children (if any). This is intended to be included in other topics, for example in a side navigation bar
This guide describes the steps for manually installing Foswiki
Description of quick enhancements aimed at improving and customising your Foswiki
The plugin links ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in the InterWikis topic
Allows users to "subscribe" to regularly scheduled e-mails via the WebNotify. This topic describes how to enable emailing and a detailed description of the features
How to rename, move, copy, and delete individual topics
Register users on your Foswiki site; change/reset/install passwords; remove user accounts
An introduction to webs. Includes the tool for the administrator to add new webs
This is the default template for new users. To tailor this, make a copy in the Main and change this instead to avoid loosing the changes when upgrading Foswiki. See InstallationGuide for more.
This is the DocumentGraphics topic with the old icons from before they were renewed in Foswiki 1.1. They are included in the TWikiCompatibilityPlugin in case someone needs a specific old icon
Description of the Foswiki Page Caching features. Page caching is the process of storing (caching) this HTML on the server, as and when it is generated, so that the next time someone asks for the same page it can be delivered from the cache instead of having to be re-rendered from scratch.
This is the default skin that Foswiki is shipped with. This topic is the entry point for selecting themes and doing tailoring of how your Foswiki installation looks like
This page is a reference for all CSS classes used in PatternSkin.
Cookbook for how to alter the appearance of PatternSkin using CSS. This includes how to change the color scheme, hide the left bar, change the height of the top bar, removing the top bar, etc.
How to customize the apperance of PatternSkin using templates. This includes how to change the site logos, how to change the features of the top and side bars, and how to hide certain user interface elements depending who the user is.
This topic shows the most common elements that you can change in the PatternSkin. Use this topic to see the result of your changes to CSS.
Tool to help changing the scheme of PatternSkin
An introduction to plugins and how to install them
This topic holds the default image files used as a background when previewing before saving.
The official Foswiki logo is attached to this page. When you define your own logo for your Foswiki use your own topic to hold the logos, otherwise the attached files are overwritten when Foswiki is upgraded
Documentation for webmasters, system administrators, project managers, team leaders, and all other users of Foswiki
Complete list of all releases of Foswiki
Release note for all Foswiki 1.0.X releases including lists of all enhancements and bugfixes
Release note for all Foswiki 1.1.X releases including lists of all enhancements and bugfixes
Description of a possible root cause in case no searches work
An overview of all the webs incl links to search, recent changes, and notifications. Mainly targetted for the administrators but can also be useful for the users
Describes the utilities for searching, navigation, and monitoring site activity. It describes WebNotify, to e-mail alerts when topics are edited, and WebStatistics, to generate detailed activity reports. It also describes how to use the RSS and Atom feeds. Mainly targetted for the administrator
An introduction to skins and skin development
The 216 browser safe standard colors. Use colors from this list when choosing the color for a new web
Server and client requirements for Foswiki
When a new web is created, a copy of a template web is used so the new web is populated with a set of default topics. Several template webs can exist
Frequently Asked Questions about the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG editor
Description of the Tiny MCE Editor which is the WYSIWYG Editor of Foswiki
This plugins helps people to upgrade from TWiki to Foswiki. It automatically maps requests for legacy TWiki web topics to Foswiki free topics. It also allows many plugins coded for TWiki to run on Foswiki
A detailed description how to upgrade from a previous version of Foswiki
Controlling who can access your site
This form topic defines the form found on each users personal topic in Main
This is the template from which Foswiki creates WikiUsers when the first person is registered. After this the topic is not used for anything
ATOM News Feeds. This topic explains the ATOM news feed feature and also contains the code includes by all the WebAtom topics in each web
This topic defines the default bottom bar in PatternSkin for the entire site. If you need to change it please read in PatternSkin how to tailor the bars so they do not get overwritten when you upgrade Foswiki
This is a view template which defines the looks of WebCreateNewTopic
This topic defines the default left bar in PatternSkin. Each web has its own left bar. If you need to change it please read in PatternSkin how to tailor the bars so they do not get overwritten when you upgrade Foswiki
This topic defines the login links and the inclusion of a personal left bar
When a user creates his personal left bar, it is based on this template
This topic defines a section with search and jump feature which can be used in the left bar
This topic lists all the webs in this site to be includes in a left bar
This topic defines all the preferences for the current web. Each web has a WebPreferences topic
RSS News Feeds. This topic explains the RSS news feed feature and also contains the code includes by all the WebAtom topics in each web
This topic defines the default bottom bar in PatternSkin for the entire site. If you need to change it please read in PatternSkin how to tailor the bars so they do not get overwritten when you upgrade Foswiki
This is the default topic template used when creating a new topic
This page provides online help for new users of Foswiki when editing a page
Settings for WysiwygPlugin that are common to most editor integrations

Related Topics

List of documents for the everyday user from beginner to advanced user
List of documents for application developers as well as developers of skins and extensions.
List of tools the user may need for setting and resetting passwords, changing email address etc.
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