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Latex Symbols (2 of 5)

Relationship Symbols

Symbols Latex Command   Symbols Latex Command
\leq \leq   \equiv \equiv
\prec \prec   \sim \sim
\preceq \preceq   \simeq \simeq
\ll \ll   \asymp \asymp
\subset \subset   \approx \approx
\subseteq \subseteq   \cong \cong
\sqsubset \sqsubset   \neq \neq
\sqsubseteq \sqsubseteq   \doteq \doteq
\in \in   \propto \propto
\geq \geq   \models \models
\succ \succ   \dashv \dashv
\succeq \succeq   \vdash \vdash
\gg \gg   \top \top
\supset \supset   \perp \perp
\supseteq \supseteq   \mid \mid
\sqsupset \sqsupset   \parallel \parallel
\sqsupseteq \sqsupseteq   \bowtie \bowtie
\ni \ni   \Join \Join
\smile \smile   \frown \frown

Operation symbols

Symbols Latex Command   Symbols Latex Command
\star \star   \unlhd \unlhd
\circ \circ   \unrhd \unrhd
\bullet \bullet   \oslash \oslash
\cdot \cdot   \bigcirc \bigcirc
\diamond \diamond   \odot \bigodot \odot \bigodot
\bigtriangleup \bigtriangleup   \oplus \bigoplus \oplus \bigoplus
\bigtriangledown \bigtriangledown   \uplus \biguplus \uplus \biguplus
\ominus \ominus   \otimes \bigotimes \otimes \bigotimes
\sqcap \sqcap   \sqcup \bigsqcup \sqcup \bigsqcup
\wr \wr   \cap \bigcap \cap \bigcap
\triangleleft \triangleleft   \cup \bigcup \cup \bigcup
\triangleright \triangleright   \vee \bigvee \vee \bigvee
\lhd \lhd   \wedge \bigwedge \wedge \bigwedge
\rhd \rhd

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