internal package Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin::Plugins

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internal package Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin

Container for jQuery and plugins


initialize plugin container

ObjectMethod createPlugin( $pluginName, ... ) → $plugin

Helper method to establish plugin dependencies. See load().

ObjectMethd createTheme ($themeName, $url) -> $boolean

Helper method to switch on a theme. Returns true if $themeName has been loaded successfully. Note that a previously loaded theme will be replaced with the new one as there can only be one theme per html page. The $url parameter optionally specifies from where to load the theme. It defaults to the url registered in configure for the named theme.

ObjectMethod registerPlugin( $pluginName, $class ) → $descriptor

Helper method to register a plugin.

ObjectMethod registerTheme( $themeName, $url ) → $descriptor

Helper method to register a theme.


ObjectMethod load ( $pluginName ) → $plugin

Loads a plugin and runs its initializer.

  • $pluginName: name of plugin

  • $plugin: returns the plugin object or false if instantiating the plugin failed

ObjectMethod expandVariables( $format, %params) → $string

Helper function to expand standard escape sequences $percnt, $nop, $n and $dollar.

  • $format: format string to be expaneded
  • %params: optional hash array containing further key-value pairs to be expanded as well, that is all occurences of $key will be replaced by its value as defined in %params
  • $string: returns the resulting text

ObjectMethod getIconUrlPath ( $iconName ) → $pubUrlPath

Returns the path to the named icon searching along a given icon search path. This path can be in $Foswiki::cfg{JQueryPlugin}{IconSearchPath} or will fall back to FamFamFamSilkIcons, FamFamFamSilkCompanion1Icons, FamFamFamFlagIcons, FamFamFamMiniIcons, FamFamFamMintIcons As you see installing Foswiki:Extensions/FamFamFamContrib would be nice to have.

= $iconName: name of icon; you will have to know the icon name by heart as listed in your favorite icon set, meaning there's no mapping between something like "semantic" and "physical" icons = $pubUrlPath: the path to the icon as it is attached somewhere in your wiki or the empty string if the icon was not found

ClassMethod getPlugins () → @plugins

returns a list of all known plugins

ClassMethod getRandom () → $integer

returns a random positive integer between 1 and 10000. this can be used to generate html element IDs which are not allowed to clash within the same html page, even not when it got extended via ajax.

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