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* was sent 15 July (Lisbon deadline)*


This month's newsletter is quite heavy because a lot has happened since July 2017.

  • white paper:
    • A very early draft of a whitepaper on inhomogeneous cosmology (outline & bullet points) is likely to have taken shape by the next newsletter. So far, the work is led by Thomas, David, Jan, Krzysztof, Vincent and Boud, but new suggestions will be very welcome.

List initialisation

Toruń inhom job ads

SENT: (before the main invite)
Dear participant,

I'll soon send you information about organising the inhom monthly
newsletter that we discussed at CosmoTorun17, but I have two job ads
to announce more urgently:

* a 3-yr postdoc in inhomogeneous cosmology in the Toruń group,
 to start in mid-2018 (May or later):

* a 3-yr PhD student in inhomogeneous cosmology in the Toruń group,
 to start in mid-2018 (April or later):


Announcement of list creation

Dear participant,

The mailing lists discussed to keep our inhomogeneous cosmology
community communication active are now ready. There are three
different lists, which are all *opt-in* lists.  This means that unless
you subscribe, you will *not* be on any of the lists.  You can subscribe
(or unsubscribe) on the web interface, or by talking to the "mailman"
robot by email. Which list(s) should you subscribe to?

* If you only want to *receive* an inhomogeneous cosmology newsletter about
  once a month (a "low volume" mailing list), then subscribe to *inhom*;

* if you want to *propose* an item for the once-per-month newsletter,
  then subscribe (at any time) to *inhom-propose*, prepare your
  message, and send it to _inhom-propose_; you may then choose to
  unsubscribe if you wish to avoid receiving other proposals;
* if you want to help *decide* (on irc) on the newsletter content,
  then subscribe to *inhom-irc* to receive irc info; the aim is to
  have about one irc meeting per month to discuss and agree on the
  text with a list of proposed items (arXiv/ADS URLs, jobs, workshops,
  software) to email to *inhom*.

The inhom-propose and inhom-irc lists will most likely be higher volume
(more frequent emails) than the low-volume *inhom* list. The first irc
meeting will almost certainly be after the coming week's Marseille

Boud, Elo, Vincent

-- BoudRoukema - 16 Jun 2018
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