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5.0 grade points on WIMS - how it's calculated

  • You can get a grade of up to a maximum of 5.0 points from WIMS exercises:
    • 0.0 \le 5 \frac{ \sum_{i=1,n} x_i q_i^{0.3} }{n}  \le 5.0 where
      • x_i is the percentage done for a given "sheet" - let us normalise this to the range from 0.0 i 1.0
      • q_i is the "quality" - in the range from 0.0 to 1.0; the power of 0.3 implies that the effect of q_i is weak unless the "quality" parameter is very low
    • how to check your current score:
      • home
        • My scores
          • Global average: something out of 5. Here, something is your total amount of points
  • The formula for a single exercise done m times, is q_m po m razy, gdzie s_1, ..., s_m, which is in the range from 0.0 to 1.0. This is a decaying average, with q_m = \frac{0.85 q_{m-1} + s_m}{1.85}. In other words, the most recent tries at a realisation of an exercise have the most influence on the score for that exercise.
  • Chromium/Chrome bug: As of 2020 to 2024, chromium/chrome browser software has a bug that prevents the display of some of the exercises. Firefox is one browser without the bug.

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