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title: Claims of dark matter detection: DAMA/NaI and INTEGRAL


Recent discoveries in cosmology reveal that about 30 percent of the density of the Universe is composed of dark matter. Several groups are trying to detect dark particles by direct or indirect measurements. One of these groups is the DAMA Collaboration. They claim that they detected WIMPs' annual modulation signal during 7 years of Dama/NaI(Tl) measurements. On the theoretical side, R. Foot claims that the DAMA scintillators were sensitive enough to detect mirror matter particles - a form of matter which is predicted to exist if mirror symmetry is respected by nature.

A second observational possibility is light dark matter (LDM). The 511 keV electron-positron emission line has been observed coming from the centre of our Galaxy. This could be due to annihilating dark matter particles.

I want to discuss both experiments and Foot's theoretical claims.

-- AgnieszkaSzaniewska - 09 May 2006
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